• Development of user guide for the Staffing Assessment Methodology (CRR 348/2001)

    2004 - Energy Institute

    The Energy Institute (formerly the Institute of Petroleum) had identified that the staffing assessment methodology (CRR 348/2001) developed by Entec for the Health and Safety Executive was a very valuable tool, but that some companies were not using it because they perceived it to be too difficult to learn and use. Also, the Institute had received feedback from its members saying that they did not feel the methodology was suitable for automated plant. Working closely with the Institute's human factors working party, Andy developed a 'User Guide' that explained the practical aspects of conducting an assessment using the methodology. As well as explanations about the underlying principles and terminology used, the guide provided practical advice and forms that could be used to collect information during assessment workshops. Also, it explained how companies should use the methodology in managing organisational change, including the assessment of risks associated with existing staffing arrangements and the impact of proposed changes. An extension to the methodology was developed to provide users with a method of assessing the impact to the operator of implementing technological change. The report and associated material is freely available from the Energy Institute's website.

  • Reassessment of staffing arrangements following an organisational change

    2014 - Gas

    Following an assessment aimed at predicting the impact of a planned change, Andy returned to site to re-assess staffing arrangements using the Staffing Assessment method.

  • Safe staffing arrangements - user guide for CRR348/2001 methodology


    Guidance Document -available here

    Energy Institute

    Co-authors P Waite and A Gait

    The user guide relates to Contract Research Report CRR348/2001 from the Health and Safety Executive Assessing the safety of staffing arrangements for process operations in the chemical and allied industries

    The Energy Institute launched in April 2004 guidance setting out a best practice approach to the CRR348/2001 methodology that captures learnings from its use. In addition, the user guide sets out supplementary guidance on how best to apply the CRR348/2001 methodology to automated plant and/or equipment.