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My consultancy experience is mostly in the process industries, with much of my work related to Major Accident Hazards (MAH).  Use the 'Projects Summary' link in the menu for a list of projects I have undertaken.

Oil Industry

My involvement in the oil industry started at the very beginning of my career.  My university placement was at the Amoco refinery in Milford Haven and I was sponsored through my PhD by the offshore part of Elf Oil, which gave me access to production platforms on a number of occasions.  On leaving full time education my first consultancy appointment included a five year stint at the Stanlow Refinery where I worked across the whole site implementing a comprehensive procedures and competence management system, whilst also assisting with side projects including revamp of the permit to work, development of site safety rules and a new system for motor isolations.

Since these early times my experience in the oil industry has moved on to Human Factors Engineering (HFE) studies for new offshore platforms, onshore production facilities in the Middle East and refineries.  Also, a range of consultancy projects for oil terminals (import, storage and export of oil products) including staffing assessments, critical task analysis, emergency plans and critical communication (shift handover).

My oil industry clients have included Shell, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, BP, Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), Dana Petroleum, Apache, Total, Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC), OMV, SemLogisitics, NuStar, ADMA, Maersk and Portland Ports. 

On a slightly different note, whilst working with an environmental consultancy, I used by refinery experience to assist with regulatory impact studies for the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

Click here for examples of my oil industry projects

Gas Industry

A lot of my work in more recent years has been, in one way or another, linked to the gas industry.  This has included offshore production and onshore terminals; including gas storage.  I have worked with Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) facilities at all stages from early Concept/Select through Front End Engineering Design (FEED), detailed design and Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) through to the operational phase.  Projects have included staffing assessments, control room ergonomic reviews, alarm studies, critical task analysis, incident analysis, shift pattern assessment and shift handover.

My gas industry clients have included Centrica companies including Hydrocarbon Resources Limited (HRL), Centrica Storage Limited (CSL), Centrica Energy andn Centrica Energi (Norway).  Also, Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE), Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), Statoil, Reganosa, Shell, Qatar Gas, National Grid, Flogas, Gasrec, Gaz de France (GDF), Woodside Petroleum, BHP, Dragon LNG, EON and Saudi Aramco.

Click here for examples of my Gas industry projects.

Chemical and Petrochem Industry

My work in the chemical and petrochemical industry has been very similar to my oil and gas experience; although most has been in the operations phase rather than new projects.  Projects have included critical task analysis, staffing assessments, control room ergonomics, alarms, incident analysis, shift patterns and shift handover.  Chemical processes have covered polymers, agricultural chemical and fertiliser, pigments, water treatment and bio ethanol.

My chemical industry clients have included Polimeri, Syngenta, Millenium, Ineos, Victrex, Lucite, Tioxide, Kemira, Dow Corning, Nalco, Huntsman, Akzo Nobel, Ensus, Acordis, Croda, ExxonMobil and Shell.

Click here for examples of my Chemical and petrochem projects.

Power Industry

I worked in different parts of the power industry, predominantly thermal generation with a little bit of nuclear.  Again, the projects have mainly been during the operations phase, and largely the same types of projects as in other sectors.  The facilities have included coal, gas, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and energy from waste.  This has been for dedicated power companies and other industries that generate power for their own uses (i.e. oil and gas companies).

My power industry clients have included Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE), ConocoPhillips, Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), Coventry and Solihull Waste Disposal Company (CSWDC), British Energy and Electricity de France (EDF).

One interesting project was Decarbonised Fuel 1. This was going to be the first facility where carbon dioxide was removed from flue gases and captured for injection into a depleted gas reservoir.  I carried out a comprehensive human factors study during the FEED (front end engineering and design) phase. Unfortunately the project did not go any further.

Click here for examples of my power industry projects

Steel Industry

I have undertaken a number of different pieces of work at Scunthorpe steel manufacturing complex.  I have worked at most departments, with a lot of the work focussed on safety critical task analysis in various forms.

Although most of my work has been at this one site, it has been a number of different companies including Corus and Tata; and may soon be British Steel (again).

Click here for examples of my steel industry projects.

Other Industries

In addition to my 'regular' sectors, I have done work in a number of other industries over the years.  They have included air traffic control, financial, pharmaceutical, food and drink and Waste.  Clients have included NATS, Capital One Bank, Pfizer, Novartis, Glen Turner and Northumbrian Water.   

Another aspect of my past experience has been working for non-commercial organisations.  The have included the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Energy Institute (EI), Department of Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), and Waste & Resources Action Program (WRAP)