Here are some of the presentations I have given over the years. They are all hosted on Slideshare.


2016 - Irish Ergonomics Society


2015 - Trinity College Dublin TOSCA project


 2014 - IChemE Hazards conference


2012 - Young Generation Network


2012 - Young Generation Network


2012 - IEHF North West Branch


2012 - IEHF Annual Conference


2011 - Society of Petroleum Engineers Europe


2010 - Ysgol Aberconwy Secondary School GCSE Technology


2010 - IBC Control Rooms course


2010 - Ergonomics Society Annual Conference (now CIEHF)


2008 - IChemE Hazards conference


2008 - Ergonomics Society Annual Conference (now CIEHF)


2007 - North Wales Occupational Health and Safety Group


2007 - Ergonomics Society Annual Conference (now CIEHF)


2006 - IChemE Manchester Branch


 2006 - IChemE Hazards conference


2005 - IBC Control Rooms course

2008 - European Process Safety Centre

Presented in London, IBC control rooms course, December 2008

Presented at the Ergonomics Society oil and gas conference, October 2008

A Process for Managing Risks with Task Analysis at its Heart.

Presented at Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors - April 2012. Awarded runner up in best paper award


Presented at the European Process Safety Centre conference Learning from Accidents October 2008

Presented at IChemE's Hazards XX conference, 2008

School Presentation - Ergonomics.


Ysgol Aberconwy School approached the Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors, asking for someone to give their GCSE technology classes a presentation.  As the only local member of the institute, I was asked if I would oblige.

I was happy to agree and gave the presentation twice, to two separate classes.  It seemed to go well.

Click here to download a copy of my presentation.

Human Factors Course.

During 2010 Andy presented a two day human factors course for a client at a number of their sites. It was largely generic, and so the material can be used widely. I've made copies of the slides available here. If you would like me to present this course at your company, please get in touch.